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Matteri Vineyards Wine Label Final

Here is a 3D rendering of the wine label I designed for the family’s first vintage. The background of the label was inspired by a concept from friend and artist Mike Puncekar, and is a stylized depiction of a vineyard sunset. Future labels will be variations on this theme, with a different stylized background, and potentially a different shape to the border around the center part of the label.


Throwing Hammer

I recently created a throwing hammer for a Neverwinter Nights 2 persistent world, Engines of Ascension.  This unfortunately took me well away from the wonderful world of PBR, as NWN2 only supports diffuse, normal, and greyscale specular maps, but it did afford me the opportunity to use a normal map to beef up an extremely low poly model, though not necessarily by the standards of 2006.

This project has also opened my eyes to where I need to focus on developing my skills. There is some waviness to the normal map which I need to work on in the future, which resulted from lack of supporting edges on the low poly model during the normal bake. There are also some problems on the hemispherical hammerheads, particularly on the corners of the hexagonal back.

wTwKny[1](492 tris)




Cabin – Work in Progress

I have been working on a rustic cabin with the final goal of creating a complete scene in Blender. The cabin is mostly complete, so I thought I might throw it up here in the mean time.

I’ve been trying to get a good PBR node set up for Blender, and I’m somewhat happy with what I have here, but there are a still a few bugs I need to work out.

Snow Cabin 001

Snow Cabin 001

Beginnings of a City

Over the last week or so I have been making about a building a day in the beginnings of a project intended to give level designers the assets needed to make a 19th century city. I have drawn inspiration from classic Belgian and Dutch architecture, and intend to create steampunk variants of these buildings at some point in the future.


At present I have configured the models for Neverwinter Nights 2, complete with tint maps, collision boxes and walkmesh data.

Basic Solids – Quad Sphere/UV Sphere Hybrid

Recently I had the need for a sphere that had the same topology on all six “sides.” That is, in both ways along three mutually orthogonal axes. Inspired by a BB-8 design I saw on Blender Artists, I threw together a quick video tutorial.

When I was first starting out with Blender, tutorials like this helped me along enormously. I tried to be specific enough that someone with extremely limited knowledge of Blender could follow along, but not so bogged down as to be annoying to an enthusiast looking for a neat trick or two. Hopefully this will mark the beginning of a series.

I’ve got one more tutorial planned for the near future. I am open to suggestions. Feedback on my nascent editing abilities is greatly welcomed.