Basic Solids – Ducts, Pipes, and Tubes

As promised, I’ve come up with another quick tutorial. It turned out a little longer than I had anticipated, but in all fairness, it’s basically three videos wrapped into one.  I’ve been using Lightworks to do the editing, but while it’s been relatively fun, I’m starting to feel like I need something with finer control.

2 thoughts on “Basic Solids – Ducts, Pipes, and Tubes”

  1. Wow, great job on the tutorials! I am not far enough along to keep up with you but I am certainly able to understand what you are trying to convey. I now realize there is a need for two types of tutorials; one for how to use the tools (pretty standard stuff, can be found all around) and another to show what you are showing here. Any chance you might be doing a tutorial on the tools you are using as opposed to the application ? Either way, keep up the great work!

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